2016 BMW S1000RR

2016 BMW S1000RR In Depth Motorcycle ReviewWith an unabashed display of Bavarian bravado, BMW entered the liter-class supersports category with a bang in 2010. The S1000RR raised the performance bar with all the subtlety of a V2 rocket, blowing away the establishment with awesome power and advanced technology previously unheard of in a mass-produced superbike. And now, for 2015, the onslaught continues, with the latest S1000RR losing 9 lb. while gaining a host of refinements and other features directly derived from BMW’s race development.

The 999cc liquid-cooled inline-four, reworked in several areas, has gained 6 hp and peak output is now a claimed 199 hp. On the intake side are reshaped ports, revised cam profile, lighter valves and shorter velocity stacks drawing from a larger air box. An all-new exhaust has eliminated the previous model’s under-engine canister, pairing some 6.6 lb. while the new muffler placement has shifted the CG slightly higher and rearward, closer to the swingarm pivot.

The shift of CG, along with new steering geometry that has 0.5 degrees less rake (23.5 degrees), 1.5 mm less trail (96.5mm), and a 3mm lower swingarm pivot, is aimed at improved front end feel, overall handling, and rear grip. The revised frame now allows more flex in the swingarm pivot area for further improved feedback and rear grip.