Founder of the Future

Looking at the world of cars from today’s perspective, we notice that Mitsubishi has played a major role in history. If you still see new Parisian concept GT-PHEV, we will see the future. Electric hybrid is the new Mitsubishi vehicles, but with each new study, he promoted to the level it available to others. The difference is actually in the approach – while others aim at higher numbers and performance, Japanese careful how better to integrate. Therefore, in Paris promised autonomy 1,200 kilometers, of which about ten percent plug-in provides the plant without pollution, while others are combined with a 2.5 liter petrol engine. The three electric motors with a total of 180 kW guarantee and good off-road characteristics, 
Mitsubishi GT-PHEVand vehicle interior ambience of spaciousness and comfort. Look again heralds the next generation of SUV vehicles from Mitsubishi, whose design will essentially differ from the current so-called “dynamic shield.” The muscular appearance gives the impression that the car is made from one piece of metal, and overall vehicle reflects a new concept called the Japanese Ground Tourer.

While waiting for the future to be reflected in the present, Mitsubishi refresh ultra popular ASX. The changing face of the vehicle is part of a long-term design philosophy, in which form follows function. ASX so far looks like a younger successor to the Pajero . Except in some appearance changes are in the interior with respect to the installation of new higher quality materials and increased comfort for passengers. This model Mitsubishi huge success worldwide producing Since 2010 over 1.1 million vehicles.