Liberal pundits that were giddy and celebrating at the beginning of the night just got a nasty case of reality dished onto their plate, and they are not very happy about it.

The New York Times model is predicting that Donald Trump is going to take Florida with a 95 percent confidence.

As I put pen to paper, approximately 97 percent of the votes have been counted.

Of the remaining votes (about 400,000), the Times model has Trump winning more than enough to capture the state.

Keep in mind, Hillary had an 80,000 vote lead going into the day and there was a heavy Hispanic turnout that they expected to all fall in line with Hillary.

Hillary’s team was extremely confident that with this win, Trump would have no shot of taking the election.

These numbers now completely swing every bit of momentum towards Trump.

Whereas he once had to take numerous formerly blue states to capture the Presidency, he merely needs to steal just one or two at this point and he is going to Pennsylvania Avenue

Trump is holding his own thus far in early battlegrounds states and I have a feeling that once Florida officially gets called, it could impact voters that have yet to cast a ballot out west.

The mainstream media literally has no idea how to react to this right now. They started the day assured that Trump was going to go belly up and are now looking at the very real possibility that Trump could win this thing.

We still have a fight patriots. He still needs to pull a few blue states, or at least one big one to pull this off, but Florida is a huge sign that things could be swinging our way.

Don’t pop the champagne yet, but don’t be afraid to put it into the ice bin and get it cold. Let’s hope we see a win in a state like Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Ohio with a big chunk of votes that will have Hillary ready to toss her cookies.