Expert Report: FBI Has NOT Finished With Investigation, Trump Promising MASS Arrests

Hillary spent her term as the Secretary of State playing a very dangerous game. She used her significant political influence and her non-profit organization, The Clinton Foundation, to create an elaborate pay-for-play scheme. The time of Clinton’s scams are quickly drawing to a close.

The Clinton Foundation claims on its website that while Hillary was in office as Secretary of State she “was not involved in the work of the Foundation.” This is probably true but only in the most literal way. Evidence points towards Hillary using her influence as Secretary but the actual money transactions took place in the Foundation under the guidance of Bill and Chelsea.

The Foundation’s website is very careful, “During her time in office, she attended the Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative – as did many other national and international leaders, including heads of state, U.S. Cabinet members and President Obama himself. After leaving office, she served on the Board of Directors of the Foundation…”

The strongest denials usually come from the worst criminals. The Clintons are trying desperately to separate Hillary and the Foundation while she was in office. This is because they are very aware that documentation is piling up and pointing towards all 3 of them being guilty. Donald Trump spoke about this mixing of the government and the Foundation. “It is impossible to figure out where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins,” he said, adding, “The specific crimes committed to carry out that enterprise are too numerous to cover in this speech.”

The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation for over a year by the FBI regarding many allegations. As the noose gets tighter, Clinton has panicked and lied to cover up her corruption. Diligant work by FBI agents has succeeded in uncovering the truth.

Despite this effort, no charges have been filed. Some people assume this is because of the family and the fact that Hillary was running for President.

However, she has now been defeated and it is just a matter of time before Presidential Elect Trump takes his post. The Clinton Foundation is living on borrowed time.

Joseph DiGenova, who was involved in many corruption cases during his time in office as U.S. Attorney, told TheDCNF, “there is a mountain of credible evidence that the foundation was being improperly run, had not filed appropriate filings with the IRS and state agencies. It’s clearly involved in a bribery conspiracy scandal with the Department of State.”

These are serious charges and clearly need the attention of a special prosecutor. Currently the case is being handled by the FBI’s white collar crime and public corruption division.

Another former U.S. Attorney, Matthew Whitaker, thinks Clinton’s actions at the State Department on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors require close attention. Whitaker is currently the executive director of the non-profit government watchdog, The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust.

He states that “I think we need to be concerned that between 2009 to 2013, it appears the Clinton Foundation donors were given special access to the State Department. Somebody needs to look at every transaction and see if it was used for an improper purpose and potentially illegal unethical purposes. “They obviously need to get their house in order, to be more transparent about where the money is coming from, where the money’s going, and not try to play shenanigans with their reporting to agencies.”

The charges can also be handled at the state level. There is a good chance that if Federal charges are filed, the states will follow closely behind. According to Representative Marsha Blackburn, “state attorney generals should be involved. They would typically have jurisdiction in any state where the Clinton Foundation solicited funds.”

Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who is vice chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, also indicated “The foundation should be given an opportunity to either come into compliance with the law or shut their doors.”

All of these professionals cannot be ignored. It is clear that the Clinton Foundation is in grave trouble.  The question we should be asking is, when will these charges be filed? Our Presidential Elect is firm in his belief on this subject, “It is now clear that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history,” Trump said in a statement. “We’ve now learned that a majority of the non-government people she met with as Secretary of State gave money to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. … It was wrong then, and it is wrong now — and the foundation must be shut down immediately.”

The evidence points to a two faced lie when the Foundation’s website vows that, “All of our supporters – corporations, non-profits, and individuals – get something in return, which is helping to improve lives around the world.” The level of fraud would be funny if it weren’t such a severe situation.

The fact is that not only did she and her family break the law, they are a threat to national security and need to be stopped sooner rather than later. The extent of the damage they did is not clear yet. National and state secrets may have been revealed. Deals betraying the U.S. struck. The possible for devastation is limitless.

Our new President will have a lot to deal with when he enters the Oval Office. There is no doubt that these are important issues and Trump has assured the public that he will take control of it. The Clinton Foundation is finally faced with an opponent they can’t bribe, intimidate, or lie to.

H/T: Conservative Daily Post